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Search our list of diverse travel advisors. View their profiles and areas of expertise until you find the perfect match for your travel-related questions. Choose the “Send me questions!” or “Talk to me!” option.


Fill out the form on the next page, follow the simple instructions and before you know it, you’ll have submitted your questions through the site or scheduled a Skype call with your chosen travel advisor.


For questions submitted directly to an advisor, you’ll receive a response in your Plansify inbox within 48 hours. For Skype call requests, you simply log in at the agreed upon time and enjoy a live talk with your advisor for up to 1 hour.

For more detailed information about using Plansify, please have a look at our Help page.

Code of conduct

We ask all users of this website to kindly abide by the below code of conduct.
Following these simple guidelines will ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved!


Before submitting your questions to a travel advisor or logging into a Skype call, ensure that you are fully prepared, with a clear idea of the questions you want to ask. Travel advisors should dedicate themselves to answering all questions thoroughly and should have no other obligations during a scheduled Skype call.


Travel advisors should be honest about their areas of expertise and their ability to provide the advice that members are seeking. At no time should anyone provide dishonest information, whether in their Plansify profiles or in any other communications that take place between users of this site.


Please be respectful at all times. We are all here to learn and/or offer travel-related assistance and it is important to maintain civility while communicating with each other. Also, we kindly ask that you don’t abuse the system by asking unreasonable questions or by providing short, unprofessional answers or advice.

No selling

While some travel advisors might be associated with travel-related products and/or services that would be useful for certain members, direct selling through is not allowed. Please don’t mention any products and/or services unless the client clearly expresses their interest.