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Hunter Foreman

College student obsessed with travelling the world.


Vacations & holidays

Being a college student, the only time I'm allowed to freely travel is during holidays.

Language learning

I am currently learning the Korean language. I am mostly self-taught, with a little help from Korean friends. I hope to become fluent one day!


I am a photography major. Photography is on e of my biggest passions in life, along side music and traveling. I intend to combine my love for all three passions one day and travel the world.

Budget travel

As a full-time student, whom also simultaneously works a full-time job, I must travel on a budget. Being obsessed with travel, I have learned a couple of tricks as to how to budget myself and get the most out of my money. I have been study the art of traveling for a couple of years now, but I am still learning!

Female travel

I am a woman and there are difficulties some, not all, woman have to face while traveling. From discrimination to certain biological processes some of us still have to deal with.


Italy is a country that I miss every day. The country is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

United States

I am American and have traveled all over the United States with my family, friends, and solo. I have been to 14 states so far ranging from the East to the West and from the North to the South.


France is such a historic and artful country. Everywhere, even in seaside cities, there is art streaming through the cities. France is the perfect place for someone like me…being an photography major and growing up with a love for art and all.

South Korea

I have recently traveled to South Korea for three weeks for the first time and I have fallen in love. The people and the culture are all amazing and I felt right at home visiting. I have traveled from coast to coast, by train. I made many friends, ate many Korean dishes, and went out every night to some of the best night clubs. I plan to go back and stay for two-three months.