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Ian Reide

Traveller, blogger & prolific photographer
Nomadic since 2006. A retired Australian, digital nomad, culture vulture, wandering perpetually in South East Asia. Blogging to inform & inspire others!


Budget travel

I prefer the budget style. You meet more interesting people, you meet the locals, and your money goes further. I don't "rough it", I like the essential comforts (clean, wifi, secure), but avoid the unnecessary and undesirable (fawning staff, cultural insulation).

Expat life

I have lived for various periods of time in most ASEAN countries. I know how to get things done, and what not to do.

Long-term travel

I have been on the road since 2006. It has been two years since I last returned to Australian. I stay in contact with those important to me via the internet and the occasional paper communication. I know how to deal with a life of travel.

55+ travel

What can I say, I am in this age category. I have travelled as a retired person, and met many such on my travels.

Australia/New Zealand

My homeland. I have travelled to every corner of this "wide, brown land".

Southeast Asia

Near a decade of travel in this region. I love it. A fascinating variety of cultures, people, and things to see and do, plus many people to meet.