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Illia Strikhar

Budget Travel Wizard
Hey! I'm Illia, part of the traveling duo at crazzzytravel.com. Together with my wife Nastia, I travel the world (33 countries so far) cheaply and beautifully.


Couples travel

Together with my wife I've seen lots of countries, and moments of happiness. But also, I've seen lots of illnesses, hard times and sometimes even desperate times. Out of all that, I've carried lots of good lessons I can tell you about.

Budget travel

I know how to travel Europe on 3 EUR / day, and Asia on 1 EUR / day. I know how to survive if all your stuff has been stolen. And still get A LOT of joy from a trip.

Long-term travel

I have been traveling almost non-stop for last couple of years, seen dozens of countries i n Europe and Asia.

Travel blogging / writing

I have a travel blog, crazzzytravel.com, which is only a couple of months old (started it in January, 2014), but which already generates more than 10k unique visitors and a couple hundred bucks / month. I can advice you on how to write great content, market it to a lot of people and effectively monetize on it.

Visas & immigration

I have two passports full of visas already – some countries with hard-to-get visas, some countries with easy-to-get visas. I can surely help you with getting a visa for your travels.


I've spent several months in India, both in tourist and off-the-beaten-track places. Although this country is full of mysteries, I think I know it pretty well now.

Sri Lanka

I've spent several months on Sri Lanka, and been all over the country (big towns, small towns, seaside and mountains). I love Sri Lanka. I can also recommend you great places to eat and sleep.


I've been to Thailand, so I can help you with traveling around this country. I can also recommend great places to eat and sleep.

Western Europe

I've live in Italy and Sweden and traveled all around Western Europe. I can surely help you with advice on moving around, living, eating, etc.

Eastern Europe

I'm Ukrainian and have lived in Eastern Europe realties for more than 20 years. I've visited almost all Eastern Europe countries and can help you with advice to survive in this peculiar region 🙂