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Inma Gregorio

Travel Expert, Blogger and Photographer | AWorldToTravel.com
After working, studying, volunteering and traveling through more than 50 countries, I would like to help you do the same!


Adventure activities

Adrenaline junkies, outdoorsy people and overall adventure seekers, is there anything I can help you with? I have experienced tons of great things you don't want to miss and I am here to recommend you what do do and where to do it better, minding your safety and fun overall. After experiencing off-piste snowboarding, jumping off stadiums, heli rides, scuba diving, shark feeding and many other activities, I can help you plan an awesome itinerary filled with adventure!

Solo travel

Most of my traveling falls in this category, as it was the only way I had of pursuing some jobs, volunteering opportunities and studies in the beginning. Later on, I really got to really appreciate traveling on my own, with its highs and lows and I can now help you plan your solo adventure minding every little detail. From safety to socializing abroad, booking your accommodation and managing local transportations to get everywhere you want, I have you covered!

Working overseas

From leading snowboard camps in the French Alps to guiding one to three month groups in Canada, the US and UK, working in a sustainable architecture firm in Lisbon and freelancing my way around the world, I have spent more than 5 years abroad and can help you start doing the same, finding a perfect place to call home in no time, getting to know people in the beginning wherever you are headed, giving you my insight in useful tools that will help you in your career and more. Contact me.

Travel blogging / writing

Look no further if starting a travel blog is something that you've been thinking of for a while. I will help you get started and give you the right tools and tips you need in order to succeed as a travel blogger. You will need to put your hard work though. Let's talk blogging and freelance opportunities!

Female travel

Honest advice on what it takes to be a woman traveling to specific countries. Realistic tips about safety, health, packing, finding a purpose, having fun and everything in between. Ask me anything and let me help you plan a perfect itinerary for you.

Eastern Europe

Traveled through 30 different European countries (most of them many times), most of them on my own, since I was 16 (I am 32 now). From the Nordic countries to the Balkans (even Turkey and beyond), East and West as well as a good bunch of islands, I can help you put together the trip of your life (covering everything from accommodation to experiences, safety and more) depending on what you are looking for using all my expertise and knowledge. And it could cost you a fraction of what you think!

Southern Africa

Toured around SOUTH AFRICA during 2 weeks this year. Updated tips, from luxury private reserves to the main urbes (Durban, Joburg and Cape Town), I can help you have a smooth and enjoyable trip! In Northern Africa, I crafted my MOROCCO trip from the beginning. Experienced the best and worst of this country. Can help you experience the best only!


Born and bread here, I am your to go person for all things Spain. Just ask me anything!

North America

4 months working in CANADA (Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Quebec) + 4 months working in the USA (Rhode Island, New York, California and Illinois) + extensive MEXICO travel.

Southeast Asia

Thailand. From what to do if you need a hospital in Chiang Mai to where are the best scuba diving spots in the country, where to find affordable luxury or super cheap accommodation, how to avoid food poisoning, the rooftop bars you can't miss in Bangkok and how to put it all together. INDIA. Traveled on my own from the Southern Kerala to Delhi. What you can't miss, how to be safe as a solo female traveler, where to stay, how to book your transportation, hidden gems and much more. SRI LANKA


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