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Iuliana Bucurescu

Travel Writer&Tour Leader-Capital Cultural&Authentic Travels
I’ve been hiking for 20 years into the Romanian mountains while working in the field of cultural tourism as a travel writer, tour leader and solo traveler.


Trekking & hiking

I’ve been hiking, climbing, trekking, and skiing in the Romanian mountains for the past 20 years and I know the area very well. I can provide information in order to choose a mountain route in Romania. I can help with local mountain maps and planning your trip with details about access, places to sleep with/without a tent, how to deal with a flock of sheep and aggressive dogs, chalets, refugees. I can put you in touch with a local mountain guide as I’m a member of the Romanian Alpine Club.

Travel blogging / writing

I’ve been writing mountaineering journals on a Romanian blog until one day when I decided to take the toughest travel-writing course from the market and become a professional. I know how and when to make the transition between an amateur to a professional travel writer. I’ll prepare you for the challenges you may encounter if you want to become a professional and work in this field. I can teach you some basic things about how to craft a story or how to make interviews.

Organized tours

I am a very organized person and I find it very easy to connect parts of a trip or different persons during my travels. I’m planning all my trips on my own. I know the secrets behind organizing a tour for small/medium groups, as I’m also a tour leader. I can create a personalized program for your trip if you don’t have time for research before your departure. I can put you in touch with local guides with different specializations in Romania, as I’m also a guide here.

Solo travel

Since I stepped forward with courage and I started to travel alone – as a female, I found out new things about me and I redefined my inner happiness through my travels. I know how to overcome the fear of solo traveling or to deal with the embarrassment you feel when you don’t have a fellow. I’ll guide you how to organize your solo trip, to keep your security, and, most of all, to gain confidence in yourself. We can keep in touch during your first attempts of solo traveling.

Female travel

I’m a solo female traveler who likes to explore new places and to meet new people. I always think of my security and I plan my trip according to this issue, but I still enjoy it. I know how to overcome the fear of traveling as a female and the embarrassment you may feel while traveling without a boyfriend/husband. I can help you to organize your trip, keeping your security at a maximum level, and to gain confidence in yourself. We can keep in touch during your first attempts of female travel.

United Arab Emirates

Traveling long enough through the Emirates I explored the authentic face behind the glass buildings and enormous malls. I discovered that before the new metropolis there had been a very different world, which still exists. The Emirates are famous for their modern architecture, but I can recommend you many other authentic places to visit, like one of the oldest camel markets in the world. I have also recommendations for the accommodation and food, as the Emirates are not cheap at all.


I’ve been traveling to Cyprus after their economic recession when everybody was afraid to go there. I’ve been solo and I had even a car that I drove on the left side of the road. I can prepare you for something very important: how to drive on the left side of the road – the English system, and I can teach you how to adapt in this situation. Although it is very famous for sea and beaches, I discovered many other authentic places, hidden into the mountains or even near the cities.


I traveled solo in Morocco with a rented car for six weeks, coming back more confident in myself. I’ve been in mountain regions as well as with the camels in the desert. I explored many authentic places and less touristic. I can plan your trip and put you in contact with local guides. I know many good tips for the challenges you’ll encounter in a Muslim country. I know what kind of accommodation is good to book there. For shopping, I have a list of prices good to know before bargaining.


Hungary is our neighbor country and I’ve traveled there for several times, including with my car or by train and bus. I know a lot about their wines, thermal baths, medieval towns or authentic villages. I can make you suggestions for places to visit which are not touristic at all, but still very interesting. I have many maps for the Hungarian historic centers and their surroundings. I also know the best hints about the thermal baths and the all-inclusive spa you should never miss.


In Romania, I lived in Bucharest and now in the medieval town of Sibiu. I completed my Ph.D. in architecture and cultural tourism studying the Romanian historic centers. I know many non-touristic places, accessibility, contacts, accommodations etc. I can put you in touch with local guides with different specializations (mountain, bird watching, bike etc) as I’m both a local and a national guide. I know many mountain routes, as I’ve been doing treks very often over the past 20 years.


Travel presentations (Incubator & Co-founder Passionate Travelers)


Regular Contributor for Romanian Journal Capital Cultural


Young Scientist Award (Tourism International Conference, Limassol, 2013)


CAR member (Romanian Alpine Club)


ICOMOS member (International Council on Monuments and Sites)



Iuliana gave me a very good and complete information to plan my future trip to Dubai. She gave me some tips and tricks that I haven't expected. I recommend her gladly to help you plan your future trips!

Ioana Eftimie • February 4, 2016
Thank you very much for your very informative answers. You practically convinced me to seriously think about a trip in Morroco on my own.

Dodu Bucsaru • January 25, 2016