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Jaclynn Seah

Day job in corp comms and runs The Occasional Traveller
Jac is The Occasional Traveller – with a full-time job in Singapore and a love for travel… when she has enough leave days! Loves indie travel and sunsets


Solo travel

Only took my first solo trip in 2011 to Seoul, and have since visited Vietnam, Munich, Dublin, and Prague on my own. Can offer advice to newbie solo travellers or those thinking about taking solo trips, and how I managed to do it myself.

Vacations & holidays

I max out my leave days every year – travelling over 30 days in a year with just 18 days of annual leave. I also do indie travel, planning all aspects of my trip including flights, accommodation and activities on my own. Can offer advice to fellow working folk on how they can best do this with their limited time.

Female travel

Based on my own travel experiences as a 20-something Asian woman.

Travel blogging / writing

I run theoccasionaltraveller.com alongside my own day job


Born and bred here

Western Europe

Visited: UK (London), France (Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse, Nice), Monaco, Germany (Munich), Ireland (Dublin), Czech (Prague), Spain (Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada)

Australia/New Zealand

Visited: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney

Southeast Asia

Visited: Malaysia (Malacca, Penang, KL, Sipadan, Tioman), Thailand (Bangkok), Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An), Philippines (Cebu, Malapascua), Indonesia (Bali, Manado)

East Asia

Visited: Taiwan (Taipei, Taitung, Hua Lien, Kenting), Japan (Hokkaido, Osaka, Tokyo), Hong Kong


Yelp Singapore Elite 2013


Singapore Blog Awards Best Travel Blog Finalist 2013


Skyscanner Singapore Bloscars Best Travel Blog Finalist 2014


HotelClub Best Singapore Travel Blog 2013