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Jennifer Brown (Jaunting Jen)

Army Veteran-Archaeologist-Historian
Travel for the history lover. I specialize in uncovering the little-known historical details behind a travel destination.



History, Culture, & Archaeology are my travel specialties. Most of my trips revolve around historic sites and cultural attractions (the ones that most people skip). I have a BA in history, three classes and a thesis away from a MA in ancient history, and I have worked on five summer-long archaeological excavations in Jordan, China, Austria, Greece, and Jamestown, Virginia.

Solo travel

I've traveled to 18 countries, the majority of which were solo trips!

Vacations & holidays

I take pride in the little details that are required for a successful travel experience. As an Army Veteran, "attention to detail" has been a big part of my life. Travel does not always go as planned but a good attitude and attention to detail go a long way towards a successful adventure. I have also assisted friends and family with vacation planning, passports, accommodations and excursions. I have traveled to eighteen countries and lived in Germany for almost three years.

Western Europe

I was stationed in Germany traveled extensively throughout Western Europe and Greece.

Middle East

I lived in Jordan an entire summer while working on an archaeological excavation in Aqaba. I arranged a tour by taxi of the UNESCO desert castles and spent time in Petra, Jerash, and Amman.


I lived in Iraq for almost a year. While I didn't get to do any sightseeing (our planned trip to Babylon was cancelled) I immersed myself in the history and culture of the country and would be happy to share that information with you.


I lived in China for the summer while working on an archaeological excavation in Xi'an. I have been to the Great Wall twice and spent time in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Xi'an.

United States

I have been on dozens of road trips throughout the United States stretching from North Carolina to California and Florida to Canada. I am especially familiar with the history and geology of North Carolina, Virginia, and Arizona.


Contributor – Ancient History Encyclopedia


Contributor – National Geographic Visitor Center Grand Canyon