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Jay Treassaf

Art director, foody & addicted traveler
Traveled from Papua New Guinea till NYC. After 30 countries I thought I had seen it all, after 55+ countries I realised I just started. the best is jet to come.


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

Budget travel

The lack of money boosts creativity. decrease your budget, increase the experience!

Adventure activities

Road trips! The boluminski highway in Papua New Guinea, the Silk road, The Great Ocean Road, pieces of the Via Pan Americana and from Kathmandu to Lasa. Next roadtrip? The pamir highway…

Long-term travel

Travelled the world twice. Once for 9 months, once for a year. The third is yet to come…

Technology & travel

Gadgets make the world go round. My first world trip I did with just 3 batteries. The last one I did with 30 plugs…

Central Asia

The surprise of the century. Real adventure in unspoiled countries! We travelled the Silk Road and can't wait to go back…

Southeast Asia

the most colorful region of the world. Travelled almost every southeast Asian country except Indonesia…

Western Europe

Born in Western Europe, this region was at my fingertips. And it never gets boring.

Pacific Islands

Traveled to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti, Moorea and Easter Island… Pacific life is different!