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Jeannie Mark

Writer, Retreat Owner and Roaming Gypsy of NomadicChick.com
I'm a solo female traveler who believes that passion & adventure is possible for women. I've traveled to Asia, Europe & about to explore Latin America.


Working overseas

I've been on the road for 5 + years and can give tips on accommodation options to live and work, where to work or operate your business or tools for women on how to maintain long term travel and your career!

Travel blogging / writing

As a writer, both web, creative and freelance, the main expertise of my site is not only my passion for travel, but writing and self-publishing. I am happy to guide you towards your creative dreams.

Female travel

I guarantee to give realistic and honest advice about places that women are often told not to visit, offering tips on anything from packing to edict or what to expect as a solo female. You won't get the alarmist point of view, but real answers.

Teaching English

I lived in China for nearly 2 years teaching English in a variety of settings: university, private tutoring and private schools. I am happy to answer questions on what it takes and what you need in order to teach English.

Solo travel

I've only been a solo traveler and know all about the challenges, joys and discoveries. I am happy to guide you from booking hostels/hotels as a solo woman or making connections for the lonely nights, even addressing the safety issue as a lone female.

Southeast Asia

One of my favourite regions, with Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, there's so much to see, quite a bit of diversity and again, easier for a female traveler.

Western Europe

I've bounced around a good portion of Western Europe and know the trains systems well. It's also a good place for new solo female travelers to begin a trip!

North America

It's where I grew up and can give some advice on cheap, but fun places to travel.

East Asia

I spent nearly 2 years teaching English in China and have traveled to places like Taiwan.

Indian Subcontinent

I spent 5 months in India, 3 of it volunteering at an orphanage and 2 traveling around as a backpacker.


Owner/Operator of Creative Revolution Retreats – a Yearly Writer's Retreat


Speaker at Blogstock 2014 on Marketing a Creative Brand


Panelist for Bulldog Reporter on Working with PR in the Travel Industry


Opening Keynote Speaker for Women in Travel Summit – 2014


Interview with Talk Radio Europe for Girls Running With Bulls


Published Work – Bull Meets Girl


Panelist for Asian Women's Empowerment Conference


Interview by AFP for Girls Running With Bulls


Speaker: Asian Women's Empowerment Conference



These responses are going to be a great resource for me going forward. I'm really impressed with the detail, personality, and practicality of what you mention. I will definitely contact you again if I need expert advice. Thank you, Jeannie!

Carianne Newstat • July 13, 2015
I had a wonderful Skype session with Jeannie. She answered my questions and provided valuable information, useful links/sites and insightful feedback on my plans regarding my travel blog. She's very engaging and so easy to talk to. I can see how passionate she is about what she does and how genuinely interested she is in helping me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for straight-forward advice about travel and blogging plans.

Tessa Cruz • July 10, 2015
I had a question session with Jeannie. It was money very well spent. I asked 2 of my 3 allotted questions and then did one follow-up after getting her initial responses. Jeannie was really knowledgeable. I had questions about job prospects and costs in certain places in Asia. Jeannie gave me very specific information and thoughtful answers that directly responded to my inquiries. She also made some useful suggestions about what approaches might work best for someone with my background and suggested additional resources for further research. I was very impressed by both her knowledge and her willingness to share it. In addition to all the information, Jeannie was also really encouraging. If I had further questions, I wouldn't hesitate to go to Jeannie again.

James Klein • February 12, 2015
I did a 1 hour consultation Skype session with Jeannie and it was money well spent. She helped get me pointed in the right direction with starting my own travel blog with not only practical information but also, inspirational and motivational as well.

Spending an hour with Jeannie was so much more valuable than spending hours upon hours online searching for bits and pieces of information. Whether it's blog related or just travel related questions, it's well worth talking to someone who's already "been there" and "done it".

Great service Plansify! Satisfied and would recommend Jeannie and use her again if needed.

Wayne Seto • November 4, 2014