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Jennifer Melroy

Travel Blogger and Writer for Made all the Difference
I am a outdoor/history buff who loves to travel and explore the world.


Female travel

I am a female traveler. I have had to deal with my parents, friends, family, and boyfriend questioning my decision on traveling as a female. I understand the fear and worry but refuse to let it hold me back. Most of my international travel has been solo and I have learned how to deal with the issues.

Solo travel

I tend to travel solo because it allows for more flexibility. Like with female travel, I have dealt with the questions. I understand the loneliness that comes with it and how to deal with it. I also understand the challenges that come with solo travel.

Adventure activities

I love adventure. I have been SCUBA diving on 4 continents. I have climbed mountains in the United States. I have hiked over 4000 miles during my travels. I have been dune bashing in the UAE. I rarely say no to an adventure activity during my travels.

Budget travel

I have very strict budgets for my travel and almost always keep within budget. I am good at finding housing at the right price and uses several tricks to reduce food costs while traveling.

United States

I have done 5 cross-country road trips and been to almost all of the lower 48 states. I have toured the big cities as well as explored the rural areas. I have been to 31 of the 59 national parks as well dozens of other national lands and state parks.


I did a winter road trip around the island. I hiked on glaciers, saw the northern lights, and road the famous Iceland horse. I did it all while worrying about the next snowstorm. I spent 3 weeks traveling here and did it during the dead of winter. I hopped from hostel to hostel around the island.


I did a solo bus trip around the country. I spent 3 weeks exploring the country without knowing Spanish. I visited many places off the beaten path. I saw the statues in San Agustin, the coffee in Salento, the Tatacoa desert, and Tayrona.

Western Europe

I have backpacked around Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, and Germany. I did most of my travel in late winter and got to explore without the crowds of summer. I hit most the major tourist attraction in these countries and did it on a shoestring budget.