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jennifer ostler

Adventure Mother – Alaska Expert
I've lived and traveled around Alaska for over a decade, and have seen more of the state than most Alaskans. You ask it, I probably know the answer!


Food & drink

Craft brew pubs, Mom and Pop hole-in-the-walls, Michelin star restaurants… my waistline doesn't lie, we've tried it all! Most of our travel highlights are of good food and good brews. Life is short, eat well!

Vacations & holidays

Get away and make the most of your free time! When we vacation, we cram as much as possible into our time because we want to do and see so much. It's not for everyone, but we love it and our itineraries are action packed.

Long-term travel

We've spent up to a month travelling, using budget as well as luxury travel and accommodation.

Adventure activities

We have loved ziplining, hiking, backpacking, camping, rafting, biking, you name it!

Couples travel

My husband and I have tried everything from Michelin star restaurants to a night out in the woods. We purposely put off having children for a decade so we could make the most of our "newlywed" phase and fill our memories with adventure and fun had with just the two of us.

North America

I know all about Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana (in that order). I've driven the Alaska Highway from Montana to Alaska, and have spent time in (and loved) Canada's Yukon Territory. Most of all, I love Alaska and love to share it with people.


I planned and executed a month of driving, eating, and accomodations throughout the country (from Dumfries to Orkney and most everywhere in between) and am very confident in my knowledge of Scotland and its history. Alba gu brath!

United States

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I've road tripped throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. I've had week long stays in San Francisco and Chicago, and have spent time in Washington DC. Mostly, I know Alaska and have been a travelling Alaskan resident for over a decade.