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Jenni Jane Hellstern

Interior Designer, Luxury Hospitality
29 year old with 61 countries under her belt


Female travel

I am a 29 year old girl, was 27 when I went backpacking solo for two years. I have also spent my entire life traveling, much of it as a solo female traveler. I've seen it all and handled it too!

Food & drink

While I was backpacking, I wrote a successful food and travel blog.

Solo travel

I spent 2 years solid and much of my life as a solo traveler. I'm a huge advocate!

Long-term travel

I spent 2 years backpacking, circumnavigated the world twice and visited roughly 28 countries.

Budget travel

While I was backpacking, I wrote a blog about eating and cooking while traveling on a budget. I also wrote much about living as a traveler on a budget as well.

Australia/New Zealand

I have spent 10 months on the East coast of Australia, working part of that time in Sydney.

Central Europe

Much of my early travel experience was in central, western and southern Europe. I know Spain and Italy very well, particularly Barcelona as I studied there for a short time.

South America

I have spent three consecutive summers volunteering in South America and visited nearly every country.

North America

I am a native Texan who has traveled most of the North American Continent.

Southeast Asia

I spent a total of 6 months in Southeast Asia during my backpacking stint.