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Jessica Dawdy

Freelance Travel Writer/Blogger at Ways of Wanderers
I'm a full-time travel writer/blogger who has lived in 7 different countries over the past 2 years. If you'd like to do the same, I can show you how!


Budget travel

I've been traveling on a budget for the past three years, so I can provide tips on how to get the best value on accommodation, food, and transport all over the world.

Long-term travel

I've been traveling full-time since September 2011, and I've used a variety of different methods to sustain my travels, including saving up before leaving home, volunteering, working in different countries, and earning money online. If you needs some ideas on how to fund your long-term travels, I can help.

Teaching English

I spent two years teaching English: One in Japan and one in Thailand; and I managed to find these jobs without a TEFL certificate. I can help you get started on your job search, help you differentiate the suspicious job offers from the legitimate ones, and tell you more about what it's really like to teach English in another country.

Expat life

I've spent more than a year living in both Thailand and Japan, plus lived in various countries in Western Europe for months at a time. I can give you insight into what day-to-day life can be like in another country, plus provide advice on common issues like visas and banking.

Travel blogging / writing

I'm a full-time freelance writer/blogger. If you're looking for advice on how to do the same, I'm happy to share everything I know.


I lived in Chiang Mai for 6 months, as well as a small town near Bangkok for 10 months. I traveled quite a bit around the country both times that I lived there.


I lived in Hida-Takayama Japan for one year, and traveled extensively around the country during that time.

Western Europe

I've volunteered and lived with local families in France, Spain, Wales, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Holland. I'll be returning to Spain this autumn for a house sit, and then applying for a freelancer visa in Berlin, and hopefully spending a few months there.

Southeast Asia

While I was living in Thailand, I also traveled to Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.



Jessica's feedback was knowledgeable, comprehensive, candid and really useful (disclosure: I'm Plansify's new Content Marketing Manager – but my session's topic was about something not related to this job and Jessica didn't know my role in the company when I booked questions with her). Really great work.

Mike Sowden • October 10, 2014