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Joanna Kalafatis

Founder & Travel Writer at LosetheMap.com
I work as a travel writer and photographer and spend 7-8 months a year on the road, with 33 countries under my belt so far.


Solo travel

I travel solo about 85% of the times I travel, whether it's 3 day road trips or 6 week international adventures. I have traveled solo since I was 17, so I have a lot of experience in solo travel and safety, as well as how to integrate into a destination and meet people while traveling solo.


I have worked as a travel photographer for two years, and have sold my work privately as well as to publications and companies.

Language learning

I speak three languages fluently (English, Greek, Italian), am in the process of learning two more (Japanese and Spanish), and research and practice language learning almost daily.

Female travel

I have been a female solo traveler since I was 17 and have written plenty of articles on the subject. I have plenty of experience in female solo travel and safety.


I lived in Greece for 8 years and still spend 3 months a year back in my home country. I have explored plenty of islands and mainland Greece, and since I was raised in the country and have local friends, I can give great advice on how to navigate Greece like a local. I also know plenty of Greek destinations that are relatively unknown to tourists.

United States

I lived in New York for ten years and now live in Los Angeles, California as of five years ago. I have explored most of the Western and Southwestern US through frequent road trips, and have also explored many major US cities including Miami, Boston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.


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