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Jordan Urbanovich

Traveler, Writer, Musician, Yoga/Meditation Instructor
Hitchhiker in Europe, student in France and Mexico, yoga/meditation/holistic healer in Mexico, English teacher in Thailand, backpacker, accordion player…



Find gigs anywhere, learn new skills, and make awesome connections in the process. You might even get paid for it. I've worked in a hostel in Albania, worked on an organic coffee farm in Costa Rica, taught yoga at a holistic health retreat in Mexico…

Solo travel

Being alone teaches you that your mood, your attitude, and your intention are all that counts. I've hitchhiked alone through Eastern Europe for 4 months, went through central America on a few different trips from 2-6 months at a time, and often travel through the USA with little other company.

Working overseas

Teaching English in Thailand can be a bitch but it's fun. Make connections to start teaching private lessons, getting other gigs that your skills can offer people, and even find work online.

Budget travel

Hitchhiking, eating other people's leftovers, digging out of trash cans, being grateful and learning humility, couchsurfing, staying with others, sleeping anywhere, making anywhere your home. I've done it all and I still do it.

Long-term travel

How to live abroad with a project–find the job beforehand, fundraise, or save money and get your website/materials ready before leaving. Learn to cook and learn to exhange energy.

Central Europe

Western Europe

Southeast Asia

Central America

North America