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Kaili Kappler

Traveler, personal assistant and blogger at footstepping.com
Female, solo, 50+ countries, worked overseas, Africa my favourite continent – let me help with your questions!!


Solo travel

The people I have travelled with have been the people I have met Travelling.

Working overseas

Aussie on the working visa in the UK

Budget travel

$10,000 to travel for six months and still not miss out on anything? Easy!

Long-term travel

Who wants to travel with an end date? Best to leave it open.


Volunteered in Tanzania and Kenya

Eastern Europe

I lived in London for two years so was able to 'pop' over to anywhere in Europe for weekends or weeks on end. I loved both the Baltic and Balkan countries – they are not as touristy and have lots of hidden gems!

Western Europe

Again, as I lived in London for two years I made it my mission to visit a new country in Europe every month – and I did. My favourite city in Europe would have to be Berlin in which I did visit numerous times.

East Africa

I lived in Kenya for three months and can say that I could happily live there for much much longer. Malawi is another favourite of mine and you cannot visit Tanzania without going to the island of Zanzibar – incredible.

Australia/New Zealand

I am Australian so know a bit about Australia esp South Australia (my home town). I have many many friends from New Zealand who I was able to visit when I traveled there in April this year – North and South Islands.

Southern Africa

Cape Town is such a cool city and a visit to Namibia will get you lots of ticks on the bucket list – from skydiving to game parks etc.