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Karilyn Owen

Family Travel Consultant
India Ex-Expat looking to share this amazing country (and more) with the world and in particular families! Extensive travel experience in India, Asia & Europe.


Female travel

For over 15 years I have travelled around the world as a solo female traveller. I have experienced most everything that can happen out on the road and my experiences can help inform you how to travel safely and securely.

Expat life

Living as an expat for more than 8 years in (Mumbai) India, I have in depth knowledge of the country, the people and how to travel and live there. I founded and continue to run online expat communities that still welcome and enhance the lives of new Mumbai expats daily. My knowledge of moving abroad, moving home and living in a tough expat environment can help you avoid many pitfalls that come up in the start of expat life.


After 10 years of volunteering abroad & several years of organizing volunteer stays in Mumbai and South India, I can help you know what to look for in hosting organizations and non-profits. I can give you expert advice from the perspective of a volunteer as well as from an organizational leader.

Family travel

I have extensive family travel experience. In my son's first year of life he went to 9 countries and flew more than 22 times. He continues to be a world class traveller with more than 15 countries under his belt. I have planned and executed more than 5 family trips per year – many to developing countries such as India, South Asia and Mexico. Lots of tips and tricks on how to make family travel fun for everyone.

Western Europe

Having family in Ireland and the UK, our travels take us to Europe quite often. Extensive experience in major cities and off the beaten path driving excursions in Europe. (Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany). We have done train travel through Europe, Spanish road trips, weekend excursions. There is so much to explore in Europe beyond the major tourist sites.

North America

My continent of birth, I have many years of travel experience here – weekend city getaway trips, hiking and camping on the West Coast and family travel to off the beaten path places.

Indian Subcontinent

This is my life blood. India is in my blood, bones and soul. I know this country like no other. I lived and travelled in India for 8.5 years. I have extensive experience traveling in India as a solo female traveller, living there as an expat and traveling with a family. My expertise comes in many forms. I can help you plan itineraries, avoid rookie mistakes and prepare you to have get the most out of what can be billed as one of the most difficult countries to travel in.

Southeast Asia

My second love after India. Southeast Asia is a backpackers dream and a welcoming continent for families looking for adventure travel. I have travelled in almost every country in SE Asia, have planned trips there for friends and family and can help you find some out of the way gems.


Mexico is in my backyard. I love all things Mexican! I can help you plan a luxury romantic trip for the adults, a backpacking trip through the middle of the country, or a family travel excursion on the coast that keeps the littles begging to return again!