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Karla Fritz

Founder & Travel Planner at Pink Carry On
Passionately curious world traveler in search of unique local treasures. Professional Travel Planner with 17 years experience, specializing in Women's Travel.


Food & drink

I believe one of the best ways to experience a new destination is through its food. Whether it's at the restaurants where all the locals go, the markets, cooking classes or grocery stores, I hope everyone will try to get a glimpse of the culture this way.

Female travel

I specialize in women's travel. I understand the special challenges that come with being a woman on the road – how to pack, where to find hygiene products, how to stay safe. I look for things that appeal to women in a destination. I lean more toward art, nature and shopping than adrenaline pumping activities.

Solo travel

I usually travel solo. It's empowering and requires you to live in the moment. For those who are afraid to try it, I can help with some practical advice. I think this is the best way to get to know a new destination and also learn about yourself.

55+ travel

I'll admit it. I'm in this group. I need a bit more comfort than I did in my 20s. I love children, but not necessarily their high energy and noise when I'm trying to relax. And sometimes I like to dress up to go out. If you're in this group, maybe you like these things too.


I lived, worked and raised a family in Germany for 11 years. It's like a second home. I can give you tips you may not have even thought of. Like always have small change in case they charge for the restroom stalls. I can find festivals, parks, museums, or many other interesting things that tourists have never heard of. How about a live joust, or sleeping in a castle, parks where you can feed the deer, the Mad King's other palaces, or visiting the vineyards for a tasting?

United States

The United States has so much to offer besides the top bucket list destinations. The art scene of Santa Fe, casual outdoors Seattle, charming New England or the southern charm of Savannah. Or if you want to find something out of the ordinary in New York, Chicago, New Orleans or Las Vegas, I can help with your adventure.

Western Europe

I lived near the Black Forest and France for over a decade, taking the opportunity to become intimate with most of Western Europe. I know more that just the surface places, and I understand the people that live there. If you are looking for authentic local experiences, I can help you find them.


See Paris… and then go discover the rest of this wonderful country. Whether you enjoy quaint back road villages, windswept beaches, castles and fortresses, art, cuisine, or trendy places, let's explore what's best for you.


I am most familiar with the resort areas to relax and dream on the beach. I'll be happy to answer questions about the differences in the resorts or best locations for your needs.