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Katie Lutz

Travel Expert & Biologist at
Biologist by day, travel blogger by night. I have a passion for ecological and cultural conservation. And food.


Travel gear / packing

I pack light, in a carry-on only backpack, that typically weighs around 8kg, and includes camera and light dive gear (mask, fins, snorkel)

Adventure activities

From underwater scuba diving to above ground day hikes, being outside is key.

Food & drink

Food really is the key to many cultures, and one of my favorite ways to experience travel.

Vacations & holidays

I'm a part-time traveler and try to walk the fine line of relaxation and seeing as much as possible in every destination.

North America

The US: I live and travel extensively in the US, both in big cities and national park, to small towns and state parks. I love a great road trip! Mexico: The Yucantan in Mexico is a special place, fabulous beaches, great food, and amazing cenotes (natural sink holes). All very accessible by renting a car or taking public transit.

Western Europe

Train travel is key in Europe, making most of Europe so accessible. Great, diverse food, language and history was one of my favorite aspects.

Southeast Asia

My favorite area of the world – fabulous street food, amazing people and very affordable.

Costa Rica


Contributor – Lonely Planet

Published Auther – Girl Gone International Magazine