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Kevin Holsapple

Traveler, blogger, guide, consultant – New Mexico expert
passionate about the wanderlust in us all! blogging at primepassages.com


Long-term travel

I like traveling slow and taking in a place deeper than just a surface visit.

Adventure activities

I am a walker, hiker, and backpacker. These adventure activities are my niche.

Travel blogging / writing

I blog at www.primepassages.com — I am self-taught in putting together and promoting the blog. Prime Passages is a curated collection of articles, stories, reviews, opinions, and links to resources & interesting content that aim to help you to go deep to tap the essence of your wanderlust. Readers are invited to contribute reactions, comments, stories, images. Good beer, food, wine, beautiful scenery, and interesting cultural experiences are all things that jazz me.

Technology & travel

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to discovering and putting new technology to work to augment my travels — digital photography, mapping and gps, planning and organizing tools and apps … you name it … I'm interested.

United States

I have traveled throughout the U.S, but I can help the most with the Southwest U.S. .. the 4-corners states. I have lived in northern New Mexico in the Santa Fe area for more than 25 years and I headed a meeting and visitor bureau for many of those years. I have deep expertise and contacts in New Mexico.

Central Europe

I have alot of experience with places, although I am no local. I lived in Bavaria for three years and was in charge of a tour activity there. I backpacked for four months on a Eurail pass for one end of Europe to the other. I have taken multiple family trips to Europe and I am currently starting a seven week solo hiking adventure there.


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