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Kimberly Weitkamp

Travel blogger and freelance writer
I'm a 20-something who after a semester abroad decided to find any and all ways to live and travel abroad for the last 6 years.


Solo travel

I have traveled to all of the areas and countries in my list at least once by myself, except for China. I prefer to set my own pace and know the advantages and disadvantages of traveling on your own. From safety questions to activities I have contemplated and experienced it as a solo traveler.

Teaching English

I taught English for 2 years in Spain. I can tell you about programs, options, what obstacles you might encounter and how to integrate into the country. In general I have some teaching tips and ideas I can pass along. My classroom job was with teenagers, but most of my private lessons were with primary/elementary children. I wrote about my experience for a newsletter about opportunities for work abroad. If you want to know the true experience of being an English teacher, I'm the one to ask.

Budget travel

I traveled to over 8 countries in 3 months while studying abroad using all of my own money earned from a part-time minimum wage job in the USA before I departed. When I lived in Spain for 2 years, I managed at least one trip a month, usually more, while still receiving minimum wage ($1100/month). I was also paying for rent, food, utilities and nights out in that time. I usually stick to hostels and cheap airline but know how to balance a budget with comfort when traveling.

Female travel

I am a woman who often travels alone and I can answer many questions about the experience. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, usually staying in hostels, so any questions you have about shared accommodation and safety concerns I can help with.


I spent a semester abroad in Spain for 3 months and then returned to teach English for 2 years. I did not have a car so am intimately acquainted with the train, bus and air systems. I have a fairly high level of Spanish and know many useful phrases. Recommendations for specific cities and regions. From tapas to siesta, if you have a question I probably have an answer.


I spent a semester abroad in China for 5 months. When I entered the country I didn't know any Chinese and when I left I was having regular long conversations with strangers. In this environment I often shopped and have many tips about haggling. I can also answer questions about food, travel, safety, and cleanliness. I traveled to 6 cities while I was there and can give recommendations.