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Kirsten K. Kester

Traveled in a wheelchair more than 20 years – 70+ countries
No matter how things look, I feel strongly that it's possible to travel —despite the starting point may seem differently! It's about sticking to your goals. .


Couples travel

I have traveled with my husband for nearly 25 years… nine months on a shoestring in a row in Asia, eight month in a row in Australia, several months in Mexico and many other wonderful journeys – I know the pros and the cons of long-term traveling with your partner.. Dealing with small and not so small problems when he wants East and you want West. Having braved a range of strange situations, I know a thing or two of what to do and how to handle the life on the road.


My love for traveling started in early childhood. I was born with a rare handicap called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which affects my ability to walk so I use a wheelchair. My handicap seldom affects my life negatively. I won't let it control my life but of course it will affect it. It's not as if I can say today I will climb this mountain and forget about the wheelchair. But I can and DO say; today I want to go up that mountain and then I will figure out a way to get up the mountain!


Denmark is my home country. I am originally from the capital Copenhagen but moved to Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark when I was very young. Having family and friends scattered all over Denmark I've done a lot of road-trips. On top of that I enjoy the getaways to the countryside, visiting art-museums at the other end of the country – and I like to know where I come from..!

Australia/New Zealand

Having traveled for nearly 25.000 km. in approx 10 month all around Australia I have seen and explored a fair bit.


Namibia is one of my favorite countries. Been there three times and want to come back. The diversity in nature is amazing and it fascinates me a great deal. I have been traveling from north to south, east to west.. all road-trips as the public transport isn't the best. I can tell you what signs to notice when looking for elephants, or where to look for 1500 years old plants.


“Kirsten knows how to fly with her wings clipped.”

Been a member of the Travelers Club of Denmark since 2008, (DBK)

Ranked top5 most traveled female in Dk according 2 mosttraveledpeople.com