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Kristin Addis

Travel Expert and Travel Writer/Blogger
Former investment banker-turned travel writer and blogger at www.bemytravelmuse.com


Travel blogging / writing

I run www.bemytravelmuse.com – a travel blog that won a top ten spot in USA Today's Vagabonding category. I earn $2k-$4k per month from my blog and freelance travel writing. I have great engagement on my social media channels and am happy to share my knowledge.

Female travel

I've traveled solo for over two years all over the world. How do I do it safely? How did I travel for a full year packing only carry on luggage? Ask me anything about female and solo female travel. I'm here to ease your fears and help you figure out how to make safety a priority while still enjoying every moment of your travels, regardless of where in the world you go!

Career break

I know what it's like to leave a career behind. As a former investment banker, I know what kind of pressure there can be to keep the resume looking good even when taking a sabbatical. Let's discuss how to preserve your life and career while taking a break. Keep your resume looking good and keep your options open for when it's time to return to the working world.

Trekking & hiking

I've trekked in remote locations all over the world, all without guides. Let me tell you how to prepare, how to do it cheaply, and how to get the most out of any treks (My experience includes over 100 miles in Nepal, 80 miles in China, and 80 miles in Southeast Asia)

Solo travel

I have traveled solo for over two years in a fully nomadic fashion, mainly in Southeast Asia and China. I've also been to Nepal, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and much of Europe. Let me help you plan the perfect itinerary and find off the beaten path gems that others don't know about. Let me take the guess work out of it and plan a perfect trip for you!


I'll tell you how to do the Maldives on a budget

North America

Native Californian, Las Vegas expert (especially clubbing), Burning Man and Coachella expert

East Asia

Spent 2 months in China and used to live in Taiwan

Southeast Asia

Have spent a minimum of a month in every single country in Southeast Asia


Want to go trekking in Nepal? All the information you need is right here.


About.com's World Festivals Travel Expert


Featured as one of USA Today's top Vagabond Bloggers


Featured on BBC

Featured on Lonely Planet