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Landon Carlson

Light-Travel Expert and Blogger at UnevenSidewalks.com
Engineer turned indefinite traveler & photographer. Lived and traveled abroad for over a year, specializing in Costa Rica and South America.


Career break

I left my comfortable job as an Engineer in San Diego and left the US with my wife to see what else was out in the world. We sold all our belongings and rented out our house. It was a difficult transition, and the support from our friends and families wasn't always encouraging because we were stepping out into the unknown. Now, we look back and don't regret any of it. Ask me anything about jumping ship from the 9-5 to see what the world has to offer to you!

Couples travel

I've been married almost 6 years, and my wife and I travel everywhere together. There are many adjustments that we've learned to make the most of from since our life abroad. Ask me anything about traveling with a spouse or significant other!

Travel gear / packing

I'm obsessed about having lightweight, functional gear while traveling and bringing only what's necessary. If I have a good quality piece of equipment, I won't have to worry about it or carry double. Nothing is worse than carrying more than you need and regretting it down the road. Ask me anything about travel gear and packing!

Long-term travel

Long-term travel is an amazing goal of traveling long enough to forget what a gallon of gas or a hamburger costs back in your home country. Organizing bank accounts, money, and taxes are a few things we had to learn about on the road. There are peaks and dips (both physically and emotionally) that every traveler encounters, and sometimes the feeling of being homesick. There's more to long-term traveling than meets the eye. Ask me anything about your long-term travel plans!


I love take pictures of everything as I explore the world! From landscape to people and fast-moving animals, I've learned the grimy details of travel photography that are on a different level than which ISO or shutter speed to use. Travel photography is much more about making friendships with the locals and keeping my camera dry. Ask me anything about travel photography!


I've visited a few islands in the Caribbean and have been SCUBA diving in Grand Cayman. I'd love to talk about your trip to the islands!

Central America

I've lived and traveled in Central America for over a year, specializing in Costa Rica. It's a big tourist and expat destination, and there's a lot to learn! I've also spent a lot of time in Guatemala, and love the ruins. I'd love to talk about your trip to Central America.

South America

I've traveled in South America for almost half a year, and am always humbled by it's beauty, diversity, and size. I've enjoyed every bit of it, from the deep south in Patagonia to the jungles of the Amazon. I'd love to talk about your trip to South America.

Costa Rica

I've lived in Costa Rica for over a year. I traveled on buses for months all over the country and finally bought a car! I'd love to discuss your trip or move to Costa Rica!


I traveled in Bolivia for over a month and had a great time exploring all the country had to offer, from the Uyuni salt flats to the Isla del Sol. Bolivia is an awesome place to visit!


Registered Professional Engineer