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Lars Zeekaf

Lars Zeekaf working, surfing and exploring around the world
work and travel, low budget, solo travel, surfing, freediving, Caribbean, South America, Central America, Australia, Europe,


Visas & immigration

Did my fair bit of visa / immigration papers around the world to stay, work and travel!

Working overseas

From The Netherlands but worked in Argentina, Chile, Barbados, Spain, Australia

Adventure activities

Working as a White Water Guide on Argentenian and Frence rivers, kayak instructor, climbing instructor, zip-lining, mountainbike and much more!

Budget travel

Left home with 500 dollars for at least 6 months, and made it!

Long-term travel

Since 2009, after an internship everything changed. Graduated and never looked back. On the road since. Always on a low budget.

Australia/New Zealand

Just moved to Sydney and working on making a home base here. That includes researching all the work; visa, bank acounts, work, insurance, house/apartment, driving license and so on!

Northern Europe

I'm Dutch, so Northern Europe is my home.

South America

Worked and lived since 2009 in Argentina and Chile. Got to know the Peruvian culture too.

Central America

Traveled to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Not working, just going down the road on the smallest budget possible and making it an amazing trip!


Lived , worked and surfed in Barbados (yes of Rihanna) for almost a year. Made a trip over to the most amazing Jamaican family on the Rasta Island!