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Lash Augsburger

World Travel Expert & Founder of LashWorldTour Travel Blog
A professional solo world traveler since 1998, I'm an expert at budget travel, cycle-touring, scuba diving, outdoor adventures and delving into world cultures.


Travel blogging / writing

I started LashWorldTour in early 2011. Within 6 months I started earning money from it. From June, 2012, I began earning $1000/month. Ever since I've been earning my entire income from blogging and free-lance writing as I continue traveling the world.

Solo travel

I've been traveling solo since 1998. I love getting off the beaten track and delving into local cultures: their cuisines, arts & handicrafts, religious practices, daily customs and life styles. I've cycle-toured solo thru 7 countries and solo-climbed many mountains & jungles in Asia. I've never been robbed, threatened, injured or been in any serious accidents. I've made local friends in countries all over the world. I know how to stay safe, have fun, meet new people, arrive in new countries solo

Long-term travel

I've been traveling solo & continuously for 16 years – since 1998. I earn a living as I go. Prior to my travels, I lived in Kyoto, Japan for 6 years. I love exploring nature & outdoor adventures, delving into traditional cultures and getting off the beaten track. I've cycled many countries solo. I'm a PADI Dive Instructor since 2004. I've been earning my living travel blogging since 2012. This year I was named #24 of Top 100 World Travel Experts. To date, I've traveled slowly thru 30 counties.

Adventure activities

I'm an outdoor adventure junkie! I have enjoyed sky-diving, paragliding, hang gliding, bungee jumping, para-sailing, white water rafting, kayaking, back country trekking & camping, mountain climbing, scuba diving, snorkeling & other adventures. Since 2004 I'm a PADI Dive Instructor & have taught/guided diving in Thailand, Malaysia, Bali and Philippines. I've cycle-toured through 7 Asian countries & dozens of cities. My 2 guidebooks to Bali sell on Amazon: Hiking in Bali & Cycling Bali.

Budget travel

I've been traveling continuously since 1998. Up through 2005 I lived comfortably on $400 US/month. In 2005, as a Dive Instructor, I increased my budget to $500 US/month. Since 2012, as a professional travel blogger, I increased that to $600/month, but I've never spent that much! My real monthly average is $575 US/month. That includes ALL expenses,even flights! I eat lavishly; stay in safe, clean, comfortable guest houses, hotels and homes; enjoy continuous adventures, visit museums, go clubbing.


I'm an expert on budget travel in Bali. I first visited Bali for 2 months in 2000, cycling half the island and immersing myself in Bali's incredible culture & arts. I feel in love with Bali! Since then I've returned most years for 2-6 months. I've taught scuba diving for 3 seasons. I've cycled the island twice, motorbiked around it numerous times and explored nearly every road, village, beach & mountain. I've written 2 guidebooks to Bali: Cycling Bali and Hiking in Bali.

Australia/New Zealand

I'm an expert on budget travel in NZ & Oz. Australia – I've spent a total of 1 year traveling around the eastern half of Oz. I've driven a caravan, cycled the east coast, done scuba diving courses and joined ride shares with other travelers to explore the Red Center. I've stayed at hostels, campgrounds, done several WWOOF and HelpX (work exchange) gigs & House Sitting. New Zealand – 2014 I traveled for 3 months around North Island. Nov-Feb, 2015 I will explore South Island for 3 months.


I lived in Kyoto for 6 years, teaching English. I speak conversational Japanese. For 6 years I completely immersed myself in tradtional Japanese culture, studying tea ceremony, ikebana (flower arrangement), Koto (13-string harp), aikido (martial art), wearing a kimono, taiko drumming and butoh dance. I traveled extensively through Japan, often by cycle-touring, camping, mountain climbing and visiting onsen & ryokan. Japan remains one of my favorite countries in the world.

Southeast Asia

Since 1998 I've spent the majority of my life traveling, living & working in SE Asia. In particular, I'm an expert on Bali, Southern Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I've spent a total of 3-4 years in each of those countries. I've taught scuba diving for 4 dive seasons in Thailand, 3 seasons in Bali and 2 seasons in Malaysia. In addition, I've traveled extensively through these countries. I've also traveled 1-2 months in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sir Lanka, Nepal and India.

North America

I was born & raised in the USA. I completed university in Pittsburgh, Pa before moving to Japan. During my childhood I traveled extensively around the eastern half of the US by road trips with my parents. As an adult, I've driven across the US twice, once solo. I've been to 45 states, about half of US national parks, and dozens of cities. I've hiked & camped extensively all over the country. More recently, I spent 1 year in St Petersburg, Fl and explored central Florida.


Author of 100 Free Things to do in Asia eBook


I've been interviewed on several top travel blogs


I've been interviewed on Rhino Air Online Radio and Amateur Travel Podcast

My travel articles have appeared in print magazines around SE Asia

My Guest Posts have appeared on several top travel blogs

Author of Hiking in Bali: 20 Hikes in Amed