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Lauren Baldwin

Independent/Savvy International Nonprofiteer & Grad Student
Experienced in solo and group travel both professionally and personally. Extensive knowledge of East Africa, Europe, and USA.


Female travel

I've been a solo female traveler since around the age of 17. I have a sharp sense of self-awareness and quick adapting style of local security and safety precautions. Having traveled alone from bustling Western cities to remote areas of Africa as well as organized onboarding/training of international female staff to foreign countries, I can gauge the comfort level of the traveler as well as provide context-specific insight into what practical steps to take to remain street smart and safe.

Visas & immigration

In both of my roles in Uganda, I've been the direct liaison and project manager for all international staff visa applications.

Travel with pets

I can advise directly regarding travel between USA and Uganda with a dog, as I've successfully moved with a pet in 2014. Generally, I am equipped with the knowledge and tools to proactively plan and ensure your pet reaches his destination safely. Extensive research of excess baggage vs. cargo options in an East African context, but skills and insight gained can be applicable to other geographic contexts as well.

Working overseas

I'm an American working in Uganda for 2+ years and can advise on expat life, self-care, balancing your two worlds, keeping those back home updated (blogging, etc) and more.

Budget travel

Boasting experience as a student in Europe and unpaid development worker in East Africa, I've learned the finesse of being budget-savvy while still having a great time. Advice and tips on best websites, travel routes, money-saving tricks, experiences on which to splurge vs which to save, local food and culture acclimation/adaption, and more.

East Africa

Building on my Uganda experience, I will reach Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania in the next year. Connections across the region through work and personal experience; knowledge and insight into security and political stability across the region.


Lived in-country for an academic year and traveled to several cities/regions, as well as many countries throughout Europe (including Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, and France). Expert knowledge in booking train travel, hostels, flights, etc.

United States

Have lived on both coasts with a home base of Texas. Experience in over 20 states.


Extensive experience booking and arranging travel within Uganda both personally and for work. Liaising internationally and in-country for multiple travelers with all ranges of experience in Uganda. Have lived in the the Northern and Eastern regions of the country.