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Leigh Shulman

Writer & writing coach
8 years of international travel & expat life with family!


Working overseas

I've worked location independently for the last 8 years. Sometimes that requires me to work in the country where I live. Sometimes not. I can help you decide how to set up your business wherever you are.

Long-term travel

I spent three full years traveling with my husband and child through Europe, South America, Central America, in the US, Canada and other places as well. The first question people usually ask is "How did you afford that?" The second question, "What's the first step to take if I want to travel long term?" The answers to both are simpler than you think.

Family travel

8 years of traveling with my family. Europe. Central America. South America and in the United States. I've learned the three most important things you need to travel with family. Everything after that is gravy.


During our travels, I've volunteered regularly with my family doing everything from taking care of monkeys to baking to teaching photography. I also founded and run an NGO working teaching technology to at risk students in Argentina.

Expat life

I've lived in five countries over the course of my life. I've navigated everything from finding a place to life, finding schools for my kids to buying a house and having a baby as an expat. Every country is a bit different, but there are also some general rules and methods for finding your way.

Middle East

Israel is an amazing place that has changed quite drastically politically and culturally over the last 20 years. I've lived there for a year and traveled the country numerous times. If I don't have the answer for you, I will know someone currently living in Israel who can answer your question and even show you around.

Western Europe

I made my first trip to Western Europe when I was 8 years old. I don't even know how many times I've been back. The countries I know best? France, England, Italy and Holland.

South America

I've traveled extensively and lived in Argentina for 5 years. I can help you find things you'd never find in tourist books, plus give tips and ideas for saving money and other logistics of traveling Argentina. You can also ask me about travel to Chile and Bolivia and the best ways to reach any of the countries bordering Argentina.


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