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Lisa Imogen Eldridge

Full Time Traveller, and Founder of Girl about the Globe
A travel journalist and author of the book, A Female Guide to Solo Travel. I have been to 100 countries and have a passion for helping others to travel solo.


Long-term travel

My trips are generally anything from 2 months to a year. I have now been away from the UK for 15 months and know what it's like to be on the road for a long time. I can show you how to adapt to longer term travel, how to save money, and the different types of travel that you can have whilst doing it. I was a travel consultant for 5 years and tailor-made itineraries for people wanting to travel so have a wealth of experience behind me.

Solo travel

I have travelled to 60 countries as a solo woman and know the pitfalls and joys of travelling alone. My website focuses on solo travel and how to keep safe and travel ethically whilst having as much adventure as possible. I have travelled to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australasia, Africa and Central and South America as a solo female and each experience has been different. Being a blonde Western woman, I can provide tips on how to keep yourself understated and avoid unwanted attention.

Working overseas

Having worked in a hotel in Guernsey, as a cocktail waitress on an American cruise ship, in various offices and a hostel in Australia, I have a wealth of knowledge of working abroad. I have also taught English to Buddhist nuns, worked at a TV station in Mongolia and volunteered in a children's home in Africa. Immersing yourself with a new culture can be a culture shock so I can help with coping mechanisms for easing yourself into a brand new environment and helping to adapt to a new way of life.

Female travel

My passion is solo female travel and I have experienced so much of the world as a blonde female traveller and can provide honest, real advice from someone who has been homesick, lonely and even scared. Although a backpacker at heart, I have have stayed in luxury properties, retreats and with local people. I have travelled to places that some women feel apprehensive about travelling to and I have never let anything stop me from travelling as a woman. If I can travel to 100 countries, anyone can.

Expat life

I have lived in London, Australia, the Channel Islands, Nepal, Mongolia, Panama City, Puerto Rico and Colombia. My favourite country is Colombia as I lived there for nearly a year. I know the best restaurants and bars to frequent as a solo female and also some hidden gems which are away from the tourist trails. I can give advice on how to live in each county and honest advice on what they are really like for a expat.

Australia/New Zealand

I spent a year living in Australia and exploring New Zealand. I have travelled extensively around these two countries, and find these as two of the easiest places to travel around.


I am currently in the Caribbean on a three month tour as an independent traveller to see how easy they are to travel to alone. I know where to stay if you are on a budget and can advise on the best islands for any activity that you are looking for. Each island is so unique.

South America

My favourite region with one of my favourite countries – Colombia. I love the Latin way of life and spent a year in South America whilst visiting Peru, Bolivia, and Chile and plan to go back.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a fascinating part of the world. The Balkans are some of my favourite countries and are so different from Western Europe. I have spent time in the Baltics and Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary and can advise on the best way to travel through this part of Europe.

Central America

The only country I haven't explored here is El Salvador but I have travelled through the rest of this region as an independent backpacker, and understand how much more vigilant you need to be as a woman travelling alone in this part of the world. Each country is diverse and Nicaragua is one of my favourites having spent a whole month here.


Highly Commended in the UK Blog Awards 2015

Mentioned within USA Today about Solo Travel


Published Author of A Female Guide to Solo Travel


Travel Consultant for 5 years