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Lisa Spencer

World Teacher/Traveler Creator of AroundtheWorldwithLisa.com
Living in Laos, and have most of my travel experience in South East Asia! Originally from California USA.


Teaching English

I have taught kindergarten in California schools, taught college and at international schools in Laos. I have my TESOL certificate, and will be working at a bilingual school in Laos for the 2014-2015 school year.


South East Asian Train travel! I have successfully traversed through Thailand on many occasions by cheaply and efficiently using their train systems. I can read their time and cost schedule well, and can give detailed information about what a train ride is like, and what class would work best for you when it is best to take a train versus a bus etc.

Visas & immigration

I have familiarized myself with visa requiernments for travelers from the USA. As well as entry exit requiernments for specific countires. I know how and what the processes are for obtaining visas (example when it is better to go to the embassy instead of the boarder).

Female travel

As a feamale myself there are always different rules, and customs for different countries I am always sure to be aware of. I also, am aware of feminine product availability and options for these countries. For the current time being my expertise is for the USA and South East Asia

Air travel

It has taken me countless hours! But I have found out how to achieve the lowest airfare for your trip! Also, providing with excellent discounted travel insurance!


I have been to Bangkok several times, Koh Chang, train systems and bus travel, border crossings to Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Lived on Phuket for approx 2 months.

United States

I was born and raised in CA. My main travel is on the west cost.


Worked as a teacher in Vientiane capital. Lived in Vientiane for 3 months, and I return july 3rd 2014 to stay for a min of a year.

North America

I am very aware of the geography, weather patterns, transit systems, and costs. I was born and raised in California, and have done much traveling in the west USA.

Southeast Asia

I have backoacked through Thailand, Laos, Cambiodia (south), Vietnam, and Northern Malaysia.