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Liz Villasenor

Travel Blogger and Adventure Lover | LizzieMeetsWorld.com
I have mastered the art of DIY travel. Let me know what you want to see and experience and I'll tell you where – and, more importantly, HOW – to go!


Travel blogging / writing

I have been blogging about my travels and adventures since August 2015 and can offer practical tips for everyone who wants to start but don't know how.

Couples travel

Recently, I've been traveling with my boyfriend, who I met while on solo travel in Prague. I've gotten really good at looking for deals and offbeat adventures for twosomes.

Budget travel

I have traveled around Europe on a tight budget – without compromising comfort and style.

Adventure activities

I'm great at looking for offbeat destinations and activities, and mostly love traveling to little-known cities and villages.

Solo travel

I have traveled extensively as a solo traveler and can offer tips on how to do it safely and adventurously.

Western Europe

I have traveled around Western Europe extensively and have planned many trips for friends and family. I can share my tips on how to travel around on a budget, with compromising comfort and style.


I have been to Japan many times and consider it my second home. I know the ins and outs of Tokyo and can offer offbeat destinations for those seeking a unique Japanese adventure.


I grow up in the Philippines and have traveled around the country extensively ever since I was a child. I have also helped a lot of foreigners plan their trip into the country and can offer practical information on great destinations, how to go around safely, and how to have a great time.


Excellent and very helpful advise. I really appreciate the fast response and objective view of someone local. Thank you Liz!

Frantisek Frantisek • January 2, 2016