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Luis Fernando Rodrigues

Marketing Analyst and Volunteer
I`ve been traveling for a while and my experience with travel as a solo backpacker around East of Europe, Asia and Africa crossed more than 15 countries.


Solo travel

Travel alone and feel the local feeling and taste. I did this almost all my travel hours and I never regret to put apart the nightlife on behalf of a good conversation with the local guy in the bar which has a lot of to offer in terms of history and life knowledge.


I engaged myself to volunteer programs around Asia, Europe and Africa and the thing is that sometimes it's hard to find where you can volunteer for free, but I found them!

Budget travel

When I`ve got stucked somewhere because of money, I know how to earn money saving. There are plenty of ways as well to make money when traveling, reason why budget travels depend on second and why not third options in terms of finance savings. Budget control is everything!

Round the World travel (RTW travel)

The planning of a huge travel like that depends on a lot of mental strength and the reason why I can help you with that is just because I was out of time and budget to do a travel around 3 continents. And I did that! =)

South America

I was born in Brazil and lived here for almost 23 years of my life, being abroad for 3 years. I had the chance to visit Chile and Argentina and I can help you with any type of need in terms of the language usage, routes or even visa issues. Feel free to ask.

Southeast Asia

Philipines, Vietnam, Malysia and Tailand are good examples of places that I would never forget as good examples of southeast asian countries. I had an amazing time there and most of them were with locals.

Southern Africa

I was in Egypt once but I've spent most of my time in the south of the african continent. Getting known the Lesotho and Namibian countries by hitchhiking was amazing as well as going to South Africa and Zambia feeling the warm culture that they live.