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Mackenzie Miller

Travel Blogger, Aspiring Novelist,
Travel pushes us to become more confident, worldly and well-rounded. I tell how to have great travel experiences to fit your personality and achieve your goals.



I'm introverted and pretty shy around new people, but I love to travel. And while plenty of shy or introverted people travel, many don't out of fear or discomfort. I have found many tips and tricks to making travel better for people like me so they can still accomplish their travel goals without sacrificing their sanity or missing out altogether.

Budget travel

As a student I'm constantly on the lookout for inexpensive ways to travel. I have have compiled websites and other outlets where I refer to for cheap accommodation and transport. I have also learned how to maximize my budget to ensure I don't overspend but still do all that I set out to do.

Language learning

I'm currently learning Czech and French, and have plans to learn many other languages. I have come up with some great tips to maximize my effort to learn more quickly.

Female travel

As a woman I know there are certain things that make travel more difficult, or at least different. I travel mostly by myself so I'm aware of what these differences are and I'm come to learn tips and tricks to staying safe, feeling more comfortable, and just having a great time without feeling I need a companion just for peace of mind.

Central Europe

Living in Prague, I traveled throughout Europe but was concentrated in Central Europe. I think Central Europe, especially Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are great alternatives for the more expensive Western European cities that most people visit. I have a lot of advice about visiting these, and many more, countries that I would love to share.

Czech Republic

I've lived in Prague and have traveled throughout the Czech Republic. It's by far my favorite country and I want to share what I've learned about the culture, its history, and general travel advice.

United States

I'm from the U.S. and my time here while not traveling. I live in the Northeast so that is where I'm most familiar but I have traveled extensively alone the East Coast. I also want to share that there's more to New York State than the City. Besides living in Upstate New York, I've also lived in Northern Pennsylvania and Maryland.