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Mariana Calleja

Doctor, Traveller & Writer. Founder at Travelthy.com
I travel from the heart and I believe in prevention & mindfulness as a lifestyle. I believe everyone can learn medical basics too. And I want to teach you all.


Health & safety

I went to medicine school in Costa Rica. I travelled to Spain in 2010 where I did a master degree in Pain Management. I work daily with everything related to the brain, pain management and palliative care. I believe in neurosciences, biology, psychology, genetics, sociology and everything related to the senses.. As an avid travellers and science geek, I believe everyone can learn some medical basics and also about wellness, mindfulness. For a better quality of life in every sense.


Home-based in Barcelona since January 2010. Living the expat life, working part time on my profesional career (fortunately) and travelling through the world from one of the best well-connected airports and regions in the world. I am always discovering the city and the country and loving it as if it was my own. I have grown very fond of Spain and made it my home now. Proud about it.

Central America

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. Lived there my entire life until 2010. That means 27 years of expertise about Costa Rica and a bit about the region as well. Lots to be said about it all. Happy to share.