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Mariellen Ward

Writer, blogger, traveller, Indiaphile, yogi
If you're a woman traveling in India, contact me. I've spent 2 full years traveling solo in India over the past 10 years. Yes, it can be done and it can be fun!


Travel blogging / writing

Before becoming a blogger, I attained a BA in Journalism and worked as a freelance writer for many years. I have been published in some of the world's leading travel and lifestyle publications, and often write about writing and blogging. My blog, Breathedreamgo, is often on "Best Blog" lists and is considered the leading travel blog about India.

Solo travel

As the founder of the #WeGoSolo online community, I am both an experienced solo traveler and also an advocate of female solo travel.

Health & safety

I often writer about "practising safe travel" and my "Top tips for women travelling in India" is one of my all time most successful and popular blog posts.


Yoga and spirituality are two subjects that I often explore and write about. I spend part of every year in yoga ashrams in India.

Female travel

I'm a female traveler and an advocate of female solo traveler. Maybe it's because my birthday is March 8, International Woman's Day. I have found a great amount of liberation and confidence from travelling, and want to share my expertise and enthusiasm.



I lived in Japan for a year, in Tokyo, and traveled throughout the country.


I am a Canadian, and have travelled extensively in my home country, from coast to coast.


I have lived and travelled in India for two full years altogether, over the past 10 years. I have literally travelled from one end to the other.

Indian Subcontinent

I've travelled throughout to subcontinent, including Bhutan and Sri Lanka.


Recognized India travel, solo travel expert: Interviewed by world media

My top tips for women travelling in India


Tips and advice from a solo woman traveller



I am planning a trip to India and spoke to Mariellen to get recommendations and advice. The conversation was extremely helpful to me and full of great information and tips. I would not hesitate to contact her again. A fountain of knowledge and expertise on all things India. Thank you Mariellen!

Gemma Corry Reid • February 7, 2016
If you are planning a trip to India (especially for the first time), Mariellen is a godsend! She's travelled there extensively and knows the ins and outs that you might not even think about asking. She's one step ahead so to speak. And she sent out an awesome follow up email with all the things we talked about and links to hotels she spoke of. I will use her again for sure!

kari farley • August 11, 2015