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Mario Dian

Front-end developer and Asia lover
Honest information about traveling East Asia


Food & drink

I'm a beer lover and never drink anythig else other than beer, so one of the first things that I do after arrival is looking for a great beer places. I can totally help you with this.

Technology & travel

I call myself a "modern traveler". I always try to use technologies to navigate around, finding cool places to have fun and making my travel more convenient. I know travel apps for your smartphone and how to use their full potential.

Air travel

I always travel by plane if possible from the very young age, even on shorter distance trips that could be done by car/bus/train. I know airports, planes and tricks that might be worth to know.

East Asia

I felt in love with East Asia right after I arrived to Hong Kong. I've traveled different EA countries from then on, made lot of friends and I'm even moving to one pretty soon.

Southern Europe

I've traveled across whole Italy and Crete.

Central Europe

I'm from Slovakia and I know this region well.