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Mark Mercer

UruguayExpat.Info | Frequent Flyer expert | TravelTech
Fuzzy Wanderer, Uruguay Expat, Former Corporate Tool. Living on my terms in Uruguay & around the world. Uruguay travel & residency, Frequent Flyer maximization.


Expat life

Living as an expat, as an immigrant to Uruguay, since 2011. Self-managed residency processing. Brought pets. Under a year from talking about it to living it. Living like a local, immersing in the community, while also being open to the more traditional "expat community" in small doses! Not at all interested in "expat compounds", "gated communities". If moving to a new country, embrace that country! Funding it as a location-independent writer, web developer, social media marketer

Technology & travel

I'm a serious geek, after a few decades in the tech business ranging from huge enterprise systems to Linux boxes under the desk. Can give you tips on lightweight tech travel tools, maximizing the power of a lightweight laptop or netbook, cloud services for travelers, VPNs, global calling, more. Some of my general tips are at my fuzzywanderer.com travel news blog – ask me your specifics here!

Air travel

Air travel expert both domestic North America, and international. Including deep knowledge of Latin American carriers. Well aware of the shifting world of Airline Alliances and Loyalty Programs. Have traveled the world nearly free by properly leveraging the Frequent Flyer programs that most people either think aren't worth doing, or that they use ineffectively. I can help you maximize your miles.

South America

Live here in South America since 2011. Based in Uruguay, often travel to Perú, Chile, Argentina.


Living in Uruguay from 2011, full time from 2012 as both home and a base for exploring more of South America. Knowledgeable on residency issues including Do-It-Yourself residency, be your own "general contractor". Sure, you have to hire some pros but you don't have to turn all your paperwork and thousands of dollars over to some law firm. Not if you are living well but simply. Big biz, major real estate investor, different story, that's not me. Own the popular Uruguay Expat Life Site Network.


Strong organic reach (unhyped unpaid) as seen at Themidgame


Host of the popular Uruguay Expat Life Google Community


Owner of the popular Uruguay Expat Life / Uruguay For Me Site Network



Hi Mark, you're a champion!! Thank you soo much for the information and detail -what you've given us will be invaluable. We're sure that you've gone well beyond the call of duty and we really do appreciate that. You have given us a really good starting point to organise our trip, and much great info that is just not available here. So thanks again, and it would be nice to think that maybe we could shout you a drink/meal when we are there. Cheers Vili / Adam

Vili and Adam • March 26, 2016
Mark was exceptional. He not only answered all my questions thoroughly but gave me very valuable insights that led to questions I hadn't ever considered. It was a wonderful conversation and I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for insights into Uruguay as a traveler, retiree or investor.

dale appell • February 11, 2016
Mark was well prepared for our call and very knowledgeable about the questions that I had. He was also excellent and prompt with all communications and took time to double check the booking since I'm on the other side of the dateline.
In addition I received almost immediately after the call a word document with a summary of the links we had discussed, recommendations and other key information. If you are thinking about moving to Uruguay then a call with Mark Mercer should be your first step in the process.

Susan Shangle • July 6, 2015
Very helpful without spin. Saves time in reinventing the same wheels.

Gerry Galloway • March 7, 2015
If I asked for an expert on Uruguay who can share fabulous information, I couldn't have possibly gotten a better online guide than Mark Mercer. Prompt, thorough responses to my questions – a great balance of details and what-I-need-to-know from a big-picture perspective. And links to online sources, too! No substitute for someone who's been there, done that to help me out.
I'll do this again, soon. Bravo.

martha hart • November 28, 2014
Mark did a wonderful job answering my questions. He did not just copy and paste generic information. He directly answered my questions in relation to my situation. This is such a great way to get information about a place when you have no contacts there.

Gene McGinnis • November 23, 2014