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Martin Anthony

I am the Overland Metalhead who is a waiter
I am a Metalhead who has traveled to 42 nations. Most of my time has been spent traveling overland without flying. You will want to know more about me.


Budget travel

I went to 11 nations in 19 days in June 2011 and I only had $3000 to my name

Travel blogging / writing

I have a website where I tell people about my travels to 42 nations. I like to tell people how to cross land borders as well as obtaining Visa's on Arrival.

Career break

If you live in Australia and you get 2 weeks off work for no reason. Then go visit Port Moresby. It will change your life in many ways and It will help you promote Papuan tourism and hospitality to others.

Solo travel

I have been to 42 nations since April 2010 and I have always traveled SOLO, No Girlfriend, No Parents, No Siblings No Friends WHATSOEVER By traveling solo I tend to get buy easy without being attached to the string of tour guides


I first visited Kuala Lumpur in July 2012. I have revisited KL 5 times since then. I have traveled from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu via Brunei in only a few days. Besdies Kuala Lumpur, I have enjoyed visiting Kota Bharu and Johor Bharu.

North America

I traveled around North America for 6 weeks during 2010. I spent most of my time in Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore and Toronto. I was able to visit some 7 states during my time in the US as well as visiting Quebec and Ontario while in Canada


I lived in Birmingham for a month in 2015. I have spent time in London during 2011-2013 I have visited Gravesend, Redditch, Middlesbrough and Brighton

Papua New Guinea

I spent 2 days in Port Moresby during April 2015 and I saw everything I wanted to see in that amount of time, Just by going to PNG I promoted tourism to a nation that lacks it

Australia/New Zealand

I have lived in Sydney for all of my life. I know the Sydney CBD inside out and I know the cheapest way to get to Sydney Airport