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Matteo Tangi

Life Purpose Coach and Heart Keeper
I do meaningful travels and I wish the same for you! Going to amazing places, meeting inspiring people and creating lifelong friendships. Ready to start?


Budget travel

What better than budget travelling from one that has been living for more than a year without money? Couchsurfing, WWOOFing, Freeganism, Dumpster Diving, HitchHiking, and not only! I'm also happy to give you some clues on how to make some money on the road!

Solo travel

Solo travels are an amazing opportunity of self discovery and growth, and in my experience a solo traveller is never alone. Incredible adventures, and inspiring meetings can occur when you decide to follow your flow and trust in your higher guidance! I'm happy to share with you some tips how make this happen.

Career break

The reason I start travelling was because I wasn't happy about my job, and after discovering what the world was offering I never come back. So careful your Career break might be a long lasting one!

Luxury travel

What you think lux is, let me tell you, is nothing compared with the lux I experienced. Drinking fresh water from bright green leaves, piking delightful sweet fruits from tropical trees and making love in deserts white beaches under a dark blue sky filled of shiny diamonds. This is real Lux. But careful, after experiencing this you wont care any more about your yacht.

Long-term travel

Since 5 years I'm a world citizen offering my retreats in the most beautiful places of the world and connecting with the locals getting to know the real Life!


Turkey, what an incredible country! Have been my first abroad experience and I fell in Love. Istambul, Izmir, Alania, Antalia, Olimpus, Kapadokia, Pammukale, Mersin, Marding, Diarbakir, Hassankief. Wow!


Mamma Mia! My delicious Italia! Well, if you want to explore my country then I have to tell you, prepare to gain some kilos, because I'm going to send you to the most delicious food feasts you (and your stomach) can immagine! I apologise in advance if when you'll come back home you wont touch fast-food any more!


Brazil, my second home! I've been travelling trough this amazing country visiting breath taking places and meeting incredible people who became close friends of mine. and I'm happy to put you in connection with them to experience an amazing adventure exactly like I did!


I've been Living and travelling through this amazing and still undiscovered country for many years. I know different villages, communities, and hidden secrets that I'll be happy to share with you.

Central Europe

Good old Europe. I've been touring more than 30 European countries discovering inspiring projects, beautiful nature landscapes, and living in eco-villages and communities that I'm happy to introduce you!