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Michael Glass

Tour Guide | Experienced Travel Consultant | Festival Junkie
With over 16 years experience in the travel and hospitality industry if I haven't been there I know someone that has. I now run a tour company in San Francisco.


Working overseas

Organized tours

Round the World travel (RTW travel)

Technology & travel

Adventure activities

Been to some of the craziest festivals from around the world. Ran with the bulls in Spain and threw tomatos at La Tomatina among many others.

Australia/New Zealand

Grew up in Sydney and have traveled throughout all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand

East Asia

Spent a month traveling throughout China, 4 times to Japan and twice to South Korea.

Southeast Asia

Traveled extensively throughout all of South East Asia

Pacific Islands

5 times to Fiji, 3 to Vanuatu including a trip to Tanna Island, twice to New Calednoia

North America

Currently living in San Francisco and have been for the last 3 years


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