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Michael Miszczak

Travel Blogger, Co-Founder of Justapack.com
I've been addicted to backpacking and budget travel since my first long term journey 6 years ago. Have visited over 30 countries, and am currently on a RTW trip


Round the World travel (RTW travel)

I am currently on a RTW trip which has taken me from New York City to California, to Mexico, and south over land to Panama. I am currently in Europe, writing budget travel article for some of Western Europe's premier urban locations, including Paris and Barcelona,

Solo travel

I spent three months solo in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile in 2010 and another four months traveling by myself in South East Asia in 2011.

Long-term travel

Since I discovered that short term vacations were not my "cup of tea" i decided to embrace long term travel of two months or longer. This year I set out on a "RTW" (Round the World) trip that i planned and budgeted myself. I have been on the road for the last 4 months and don't plan on stopping for at least another year.

Central America

I have been to every country in Central America over a span of six months. I have spent a month in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama.

North America

I have lived in New York City for most of my life, and have spent many months in California, traveling along the Pacific coast, I have also driven across the country twice and hope to do so again some day soon.

Southeast Asia

I spent over two month in Vietnam and Thailand two years ago, and a month in Indonesia. To this day I am in absolute love with that region.