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Michela Fantinel

Travel Blogger, Writer
I'm a Solo Traveller in love with Australia's great Outdoor Lifestyle. I love to empower women to travel alone and mingle with the locals.


Solo travel

I started travelling alone when I was a student. I love discovering new places and getting to know the local culture. As a solo traveller for me it is easy to mingle with the locals and this is why it is my preferred way to travel. I am an expert solo traveller of Australia, where I have been travelling for the last 10 years and Europe (Italy/Spain/Germany).

Female travel

As a woman on the road I know what it meas travelling alone and having to deal with different situations from feeling safe to dealing with loneliness to finding connections. I can help you with solo travel destinations in Australia, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Food & drink

I love to discover places by trying out their own cuisine and local produce. Moreover I am passionate about healthy food and how to keep healthy and energetic in a natural way. From freshly cooked recipies to organic food and bioavailable food supplements I can share my experience with you to increase your energy level when on the go.

Language learning

I have a passion for languages. I have professional knowledge of Italian, German, English and speak and write fluently in Spanish. I can teach you the basic travel phrases you need to survive when travelling in German, Italian and Spanish Speaking countries.

Travel gear / packing

In 25 years of travels I have used all types of baggage from backpacks, suitcases, carry-ons and any type of travel bags. I have developed my own style for packing light (less than 15kg) and efficiently. I can help you packing your luggage or backpack from short stays to long term travels.


10 years ago on my first long solo trip I discovered Australia and got hooked up. Since then I have criss-crossed solo the 5th continent by car-air-train-bus from west to east from bottom to top. I discovered its amazing ancient landscape, with its colours, its people, its lifestlye, its freedom and its magic outback world. I can help you especially with solo trips, from setting up your itinerary to choosing the right transportaion and balancing your time frame with the places you want to see.


Italy is the country where I was born, raised and where I currently live. I have been travelling extensively in Italy and can show you when and how to discover new places, less travelled, but worth visiting. The areas I am a profi are, North-East Italy with Venice, the Dolomites, wine and food tours. The Amalfi Coast. Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna. and central Italy.

Western Europe

I have been living and travelling extensively in South Europe for the last 20 years. You can get back to me with regards to Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Moreover I can give you tips on nearby countries like Slovenia, Croatia.

Australia/New Zealand

I am the profi solo traveller for Australia with 10 years of experience.


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