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Mirha Masala

Founder of City Guide & Magazine thegirlwiththeblueprint.com
Your personal guide for the cities of Amsterdam, Sarajevo, Havana and Playa del Carmen.


Food & drink

Traveling to me is synonymous to tasting all the specialities a country has to offer. I love discovering the best places to eat and drink. From local joints and hidden hotspots to the best roof terraces and breathtaking views. Having advised many friends and friends of friends for years, I decided last year to start my own city guide and share my finds. Whether you go to Amsterdam, Havana, Playa del Carmen or Sarajevo, I'll help you from ruining your mood and wasting your money on bad food.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I was born in Sarajevo and have visited the city (and many surrounding areas) for every year since I was ten years old. Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a hidden gem in the backwaters of Europe. The country offers unspoiled nature, incredible hospitality, finger-licking good food and is the perfect destination for any budget traveler. I'll help you put together a complete list of must- dos, eats and visits and provide you with plenty of ideas for traveling in the area and surrounding countries.


In 2012, I packed my bags and headed to Playa del Carmen (PDC) to figure out what makes me tick. For 6 months long, I worked on my projects, lived like a rock star, ate like a local and enjoyed the beach life like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say that I know plenty about PDC. Moreover, I can also advice you on trips to Tulum, Akumal and Chichen Itza. Make sure you ask me about the actual cab fares: a shocking answer that will repay for our Skype talk in multitude.


After having stayed in Havana for a month, I have acquired an excellent overview of this magnificent city. I can offer you advice on all kinds of practicalities (where to stay, how to get the local experience and prices); tell you what you shouldn't miss out on and share some wonderful stories. I am bound to make you fall in love with magical Havana: my favorite city of all my travels so far.


Amsterdam has been the place that I call home for over 8 years. There's little that I don't know about the city. If I am not traveling, we can even arrange a meet-up. I love showing Amsterdam through my eyes. Moreover, I have been raised in Delft and am very familiar with the country as a whole. So, do ask away!


With a list of your personal travel preferences and my 3-months of travel experience through all of Bali, we can together make an awesome customized travel itinerary just for you. I can advice you on where to stay and eat, how to move around, what cities and beaches to visit, where to surf, what other islands you must visit and how to dodge the police if they were ever to stop you on a muppet. All that, a lot more and a few secret tips.


Mirha was very helpful in calming my fears while I plan my first solo trip to Cuba for salsa dancing. She took the time to give thoughtful answers to my questions. I got a lot of great advice on places to go and things to see. Most importantly I am so much more excited and pumped about my trip than ever before!

Janis Stewart • February 4, 2016
I was looking for someone who could give me advice on Havana, and Mirha proved to be the right person. In addition to being knowledgeable she was also very easy to talk to, and I am sure I can use her advice when I go to Havana next month.

Thomas Kirkegaard • May 20, 2015