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Natalie & Robson Cadore

Full-time travelers and bloggers
Full-time travelers & bloggers. We visited over 35 countries and we can help you to travel the world too!


Nightlife / Partying

From the fancy clubs in Ibiza to the underground scene in Berlin. We are party animals and can give you tips on how to find the best gigs!

Travel blogging / writing

In less than a year we build a brand, got thousands of fans and start making money with our blog. Our business background gave us solid experience on how to work with brands and Tourism Boards. Our expertise englobes SEO, Social Media strategies and blogging in 2 languages. We can help you!

Couples travel

We are traveling together since 2007, full time since 2014 and we didn`t kill each other! We can help you on planning, finding activities and itineraries that suit couples. Relationship advice too!

Budget travel

Even in Europe our daily budget is under USD 50 per person. But we don`t sacrifice our good time! Want to know how to have fun without spend tons of money? Ask us!

Long-term travel

Our journey around the world started 16 months ago and we don`t have plans to stop it. With a lot of research and planning we strecht our money and can live comfortably all around the world. You can too!


The Mediterranean coast is our favourite place. We crossed from La Linea de La Concepcion in the south until Lançá in the north.


We spent over 4 months around Thailand and we are currently based in Bangkok.


Our lovely country! Did you know that in Brazil you can find an Oktoberfest ? Or waves big enough for Tow-in surfing? We lived for over 30 years in Southern Brazil and can help you to discover this hidden gem.


Istanbul was our home for over 3 months. We also visited Izmir, Pamukkale and Cappadocia.