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Nathan Allen

Wanderer, Observer, and Scribe @ IDreamedOfThis.Com
Long-term budget travel expert with a specialty in community building (50k FB fans in 6 months), engagement, online income generation, photography, and writing.


Budget travel

I have traveled with as little as $500 a month. I stretched the value of that $500 quite far, also. It CAN be done!

Travel blogging / writing

My writing and photography has reached up to a half a million people a week on FB. ( www.facebook.com/idreamedofthis ) I am a firm believer in "it's not what you have, it's how you use it". I will be happy to share my tips and tricks with you.

Language learning

Can get by in French, Vietnamese, Filipino, Bisaya, and to a lesser degree, Spanish and even some Russian. I'll show you how I pull it off while I'm "in the field".

Solo travel

Almost all of my experience has been in solo travel. There is no better way to truly absorb a culture! I'll explain why.

Long-term travel

I set myself up to be able to work from anywhere before I even started my travel blog. I realized that to not just see the world, but truly EXPERIENCE it, I needed to dig in my heels for a while. I'll show you how I did that.


Spent a year bouncing around the country. In-depth understanding of the culture, regional foods, and moderate knowledge of the Filipino and Bisaya languages.

Indian Subcontinent

Spent 3 months traversing the subcontinent and documenting the varied culture and food.

Southeast Asia

Traveled and documented Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Spent 3 months in Vietnam and learned as much about the culture and language as I could.

United States

Multiple cross country road trips and thorough exploration of most large cities and national parks.


Reached 1 million page views and 50,000 FB followers in my first 6 months.

Featured in Definitely Filipino

Featured in Inquirer

Featured in Our Awesome Planet

Featured in Jimdo

Featured in Yahoo

Featured in GMA News

Featured in Rappler