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Nathan Anderson

Blogger at the Open Road Before Me, co-host of #TravelIST
Long-term adventure traveler: backpacks, motorcycles, the great outdoors!


Solo travel

I've now gone on solo backpacking trips of 1, 3, and 7 months–through Europe and Asia–and am familiar with the challenges and rewards solo travel brings!

Working overseas

My first experience abroad was as a student in Italy, but I branched out from there to work for 2 years as an English teacher in South Korea. I've also volunteered as a computer skills teacher in Mongolia.

Teaching English

I have taught English as a Foreign Language for two years in Pohang, South Korea. I also hold a 160 hour TEFL certification.

Adventure activities

I've been skydiving, hold an Advanced Open Water certification in scuba-diving, have ridden a motorcycle solo across the Mongolian steppes, and hiked the 36 km long Salt Trail in Malaysian Borneo.

Long-term travel

Since October 2011, I've spent 34 months overseas–mostly in Asia. This was done in two trips. I love to travel long-term, and immerse myself in whatever culture I'm visiting.

South Korea

Korea is my second home. I lived there for two years and can't wait to go back this fall. It's a small country, but packed with so much culture and history… I just couldn't get enough.


I spent two months in Mongolia volunteering and exploring. It is, hands down, the favorite country that I've been a tourist in.

Central Asia

I traveled through Central Asia on my most recent trip, following the Pamir highway through the ex-Soviet nations of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

East Asia

I've spent over 2 years in East Asia, most of that in Korea. But I've also been to Japan, and was lucky enough to explore much of the Kansai area.

Southeast Asia

I spent 5 months traveling through the majority of Southeast Asia after my first year in Korea. The best part? The food.


Co-Host of #TravelIST