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Nathaniel Boyle

Host of The Daily Travel Podcast
I interview world travelers daily and can bring their collective expertise to our conversation. Well-crafted, Solo RTW to 40ish countries, expert travel hacker



Want to get started travel hacking? I've earned and redeemed over a million frequent flyer miles and points to travel anywhere for as close to free as possible. Now I track the best deals to help others do the same.

Food & drink

Superhuman ability to find the best restaurants, craft drinks, or street food. I once ate a pig's eyeball.

Travel blogging / writing

I have 10 years of experience in content marketing, creative writing, storytelling, blogging, copy-writing. I'm a freelance web designer with WordPress skills. I have a degree in mass communication, and have created branded social media presences for a multi-billion dollar global institution. And I can help you start your own travel podcast.

Budget travel

I have money-saving tips and travel hacks for every aspect of travel, as well as unconventional savings strategies to save more while keeping you from having to nickel-and-dime your happiness.

Solo travel

I spent 8 months alone circumnavigating the planet. I know how it feels to grapple with loneliness and homesickness, and yet I recognize their value. Besides, plug yourself into the right travel networks, and you're never alone.


I've only been here once, but I visited both major Cayes and researched in-land travel options. It's a small country and I have the perfect itinerary.

United States

I've road-tripped the United States three times, and explored most major cities.


My favorite country. I know Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Pisa, along with the Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio regions. Roadtripping Italy from village to village is one of my favorite things to do.

New Zealand

I lived and worked in New Zealand for 6 months, North and South Islands.


Invitee of The White House Travel Blogger Summit


My Always Perfect Guider !

Teng Teng • December 13, 2015
I had Nathaniel in as a guest speaker in my Creativity & Innovation Through Travel course and he was just wonderful. My students thoroughly enjoyed his insight and thought provoking stories and advice. His presence was an excellent addition to our class.

Scott Lussier • December 7, 2015
Very astonishing suggestions!

Teng Teng • January 4, 2015
Nathaniel's answers are practical and informed – something you can only get from a seasoned traveller. One gets the sense that there's a lot to learn from him. He's also very friendly and willing to help, even encouraging further questions despite having reached the end of the session.

Christine Leong • August 15, 2014