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Nelson carvalheiro

Travel & Food Blogger
I am all about passion for People, Travel and Food. As storyteller, I dedicate my writing and photography to the soul and sense of place of the locations I visi


Food & drink

Besides "sense of place" and luxury hotels, my other all time life love is Food! It is on the main pillars of my blog and something to which I am deeply connected! It not just about blogging about food, it is about the moment your taste buds experience that particular dish! What are they telling you? How does it feel? Physically and emotionally! It is these powerful feelings that make the base of incredible food storytelling.


Having learned Travel Photography at the London University of the Arts, gave me a solid base to capture the "sense of place" of my Travels, the Food I taste and the people I meet. Having the right mindset, the right skills and the right equipment is fundamental to produce high quality Travel Photography. Check out my website and you will see how I capture the reality of the destinations that I visit.

Luxury travel

Before becoming a travel blogger, I was a Luxury Boutique Hotel manager for 5 years, where I dealt with the top brands, guests and stakeholders in the luxury world. I do frequent reviews on Luxury hotels and brands for my blog, where I speak to my targeted HNWI market. Luxury means uniqueness and individuality! I can help you focus on this market and grow your reader base into one of the most engaging demographics.

Travel blogging / writing

Having been awarded the 2014 European Travel Blogger award by FITUR only 6 months after I started blogging was a great achievement , and one that serves to prove that I can blog about Travel and Food. Being a student of the London School of Journalism, where I studied Travel Writing, really gave me a competitive edge in finding the correct angle, pace and content for my stories. Check out my website and you will see how I capture the reality of the destinations that I visit through words

Western Europe

I am a Portuguese national, who has had the opportunity to travel extensively over the last decade through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland and Germany. In these travels I have gathered insights into each region, town and country's particularities, interests and way of life. Let me tell you that I have never had so much fun as when I drove around Southern Europe for a whole Summer! I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone!


I had the opportunity to be a guest of the Indian Ministry of Tourism to tour the country for 6 weeks. It was the single most intensive trip of my life, where I go to see Varanasi through the eyes of the Sadhus, Jaipur through an old member of the Royal family and Kerala through a spice traver family. India is such a world apart of what we live in the west, that no matter what you think, nothing prepares you for the chock that you get you arrive to the land of colour.


Article about Lisbon written for Qantas Inflight Magazine


Publication in the German National newspaper – Berliner Morgenpost


Publication on the German Magazine TIP Berlin