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Paul Farrugia

Travel Blogger,Speaker,Social Media Guru |globalhelpswap.com
Tips on memorable & meaningful travel. How to travel as a couple without killing each other. Slow travel tips and advice on volunteering abroad.


Couples travel

We spent 18 months on the road together and by the end of it we got engaged. We know how to have a happy relationship whilst being with each other 24/7. We can give you advice and tips on how to travel as a couple without killing each other!

Long-term travel

We travelled for 18 months from England to South East Asia without using planes. We believe less is more when it comes to Long-term travel. We can offer you advice on how to find cheap accommodation, the best local eats, how to make friends and how to stay safe.


We volunteered 3 times on our travels. Our first experience was a nightmare but it did teach us many lessons on what to do before joining a volunteering opportunity. Our 2nd and 3rd experiences were amazing, so much so we created a database on our site to help charities find volunteers. We can help you ask the right questions before going on a volunteering experience and we can also tell you what places to avoid.

Travel blogging / writing

We have been blogging full time now for 2 years. Very early on our site got recognized by major publications and The Guardian newspaper in England rated us as a top travel site. We can help you find direction, clarity and inspiration on your travel blog. If you need help on how to take your blog to the next level we can offer you tips and advice.


We have been to Thailand 6 times over the last few years and can offer advice on where to go no matter what your interest is. There is something about this magical place that keeps drawing you in.


We have just spent 3 months living in Mexico and can offer advice on where to go and how to find the hidden gems this huge country has to offer. One of the towns we lived in has to be the most memorable place we ever settled in.


I am from England so I can offer you advice on where to go and what not to miss. I have lived in London for the past 15 years and can tell you how to see the real London and avoid the tourist traps.

Southeast Asia

We spent most of our travels in Southeast Asia. We have been to Burma/Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia. Having spent quite a lot of time in all of these places we can help you decide on where to go and what to do.


Nominated for The Low Cost Holiday Blogger Awards


Featured in The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

Rated as a top travel website by The Guardian Newspaper